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We enter the space through an ilm-al-raml tablet, a 7th-century Islamic method of divination, with the question "Where are the female prophets?" in "In the House of Fire with Avaz-e-Eshgh."

The divinator interprets figures placed in each house while casting the divination based on their main elements of fire, air, water, and earth. There are 16 houses in this divination. In this video series, we enter this divination's first, fifth, and ninth houses that are the houses of fire.

The narration is an interview with Avaz-e-Eshgh's character, who wishes to be anonymous and remain under her Facebook page name Avaz-e-Eshgh which translates in English as Songs of Love. 

We follow her story from her childhood memories, on how she experienced spiritualism, and how in her late 40's she came to create her Facebook page based on poetry and mysticism and how later on she joined mysticism seminars in Toronto after her immigration.

Each house is designed as a 3D space, inspired and filled with 3D scans of the interlocutor's objects such as books, notebooks, and her Facebook post and images and music.

At the end of each video, we will hear the interpretation of the house made by Avaz-e-Eshgh about the question of "Where are the female prophets."

Ninth House:

The House of Knowledge and Travel

Time: Past

In this interview, we hear our interlocutor's grandmother's voice from 1985 narrating the story of "Patient Stone" and what it meant for her.

Fifth House:

The House of Children and Lovers

Time: Future

In this interview, we hear about how our interlocutor, Avaz-e-Eshgh persona, started attending mysticism meetings in Toronto. 

First Houe:

The House of Intention/Self

Time: Present 

In this interview, we hear about how the Facebook page of Avaz-e-Eshgh came to be and what it meant for its creator.

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In The House of Fire with Avaz-e-Eshgh

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